Diagnostic Accounting Software Review

How Healthy Are Your Books?

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What to Expect

Status of accounts

Once receiving access to your file and payment, we will go through your accounts with a fine tooth comb looking for irregularities, inconsistencies and things out of place.

clean-up recommendations

We will document in detail any issues we've flagged while reviewing your books and will provide recommendations on what steps to take to fix these issues and get your books in order.

1:1 Meeting

Finally, we will provide you with the Accounting Software Review report and will discuss with you what we have found. We will also review the next steps to get your books in tip top shape!

Meet THE Expert

William Ross

Hi, I'm William Ross, and I love working with hair and beauty professionals. I help hairstylists and salon professionals manage and grow their business financials without having to pull their hair out in the process.

As a small business owner in the hair and beauty industry myself, I understand the challenges of keeping up with your business finances while working in and running your business. I'd love to help you with that challenge by taking charge of your business's bookkeeping and accounting needs.

What I Need

Access to Your QuickBooks File

You will need to grant us access to your current Quickbooks Online file by adding us as an Accountant User. If you do not have a QBO file, have no fear. We can still help! Just opt in and reply to our email letting us know.

Make Payment

After you grant us access to your QBO File, you will need to make payment for the review. Payment can be made via electronic bank payment (ACH), debit or credit card.

Schedule Your 1:1 Meeting

Once you finish the previous steps, you can schedule your 1:1 meeting to receive and review your report from the diagnostic review and discuss next steps.

What is the status of your numbers? KNOW exactly how your bookkeeping stands with our professional review:

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